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Comebacks for Victims of Name Calling

Just about every person has found themselves the victim of name calling at least once in their lives.

kid with provocative name becomes a victim of school bullying throughout the childhood. 
How to help a child to stand up for himself, 
to remain self-confident and stop bullies. 
Find out few tested comebacks from, first free bully reporting web site.

Comebacks are not for everyone!  

Comebacks can be helpful when dealing with mean kids, however, kids should practice comebacks with an adult. Comebacks don't stop bullying, BUT they can increase confidence, which can discourage bullies.  

Comebacks is not a return insult! Never use a comeback if a kid may become challenged or violent!   

Here's an advice on using comebacks from  
The key to comeback lines is to remain COOL and AVOID the temptation to trade name calling or personal insults with the bully or teaser.  A great comeback line is brief and to the point and leaves the bully or teaser feeling that they did not get to you!  Don't forget to always look them in the eye and keep cool - anger is a sign to them that what they are doing is working.  Try some of the following, however always remember:  if another student is threatening physicalviolence toward you, don't say anything to him or her - do your best to get away from the situation and to where a teacher or other adult is located. 

Perfect Comebacks:

"You - You're good!"
"Very good!."
"Ok, I'm hurt."
"What? Again?"
"Is this your goal in life or something?"
"Not getting tired of this?"
"This....... again?"
"Thank you!"
"Grow up."
"Great try."
"That one hurt."
"Sticks and stones."
"Mission accomplished."
"You are wasting my time."
"Funny..... funny.  Laugh....laugh."
"And with a smile on his face...."
"You're the KING"
What? Are you talking to me?
"Blah  - blah"
"New material?"
"The real you can't be this mean."
"You used to be a good kid."

Or just wait a bit and change your name!

There's a reason Lea Michele is so convincing as a bullied teen on the hit show 'Glee,' -- the star reveals she was the victim of bullying in her real life, too! The taunts were specifically hurtful when they came to Lea's original last name, "Sarfati." In fact, the teasing got so bad that Lea took it upon herself to change her surname altogether!
"I don't use it a lot because I got 'Lea So Fatty' and 'Lea So Farty' in school,"  -shared the star of the movie 'New Year's Eve'. 

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