Wednesday, November 30, 2011

School bullying: Did district miss cries for help?

Didn't anyone notice what was happening to Jamarcus Bell?

Didn't any students, teachers or administrators see pieces of metal thrown at the 14-year-old during a welding class? Didn't they hear the painful anti-gay slurs thrown at him in the hallways?

Wasn't his suicide attempt in the seventh grade -- when he was found alive, hanging from a noose in a janitor's closet -- a clear sign to educators or fellow students that this kid was having problems?

Apparently not, according to his mother, who has filed a federal lawsuit against Hamilton Southeastern Schools alleging negligence in a tragic situation that ended in October 2010 when Jamarcus -- called Marcus by friends -- hung himself a second, and final, time. Read The Prevention Team Featured Story today for more information.

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